French Boutik : Playing organ with the band @ The 100 Club – London, November 2016161103-french-boutik-100-club-by-derek

Photograph courtesy of © Derek D’Souza at

The Sound Of Pop Art : for a special show in Paris, July 2017

Sébastien Souchois 

Perio (with Thousand) :

Les Hommes Responsables (UK) with Andy Nix (Semion), Huw Jennings (Twister) & Phil King (Jesus & Mary Chain, Felt, Lush…):LHR 8

060123 LHR CD cover

Twister (UK): Guitar on 4 songs of new album released in 2017

Tiken Jah Fakoly (Ivory Coast):Tiken Live 94

“Where did your long hair go…”

Tschack ! with David Chazam :Tschack ! celaestbonlittle


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