Popincourt part of Specialized 2017 !

Specialized is a musical community concept that was created in 2012 to raise funds to improve the lives of teens and young adults with cancer or who are living in difficult circumstances. Since 2012, the Specialized Project has released five highly acclaimed tribute albums celebrating The Specials, The Beat, Madness, The Clash and most recently Bob Marley. In 2017, the band chosen is…The Jam !official-promo-700x500

Popincourt will be be part of this initiative ! I went to the studio in great company (Hervé Bouétard – Drums, Fred Jimenez – Bass, Nicolas Dufournet – Sound Engineer) on Dec, 19th to record “Tonight At Noon” from the Jam second album “This Is A Modern World” @ Melodium Studio. 161219-pic-session-tonight-at-noon

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Album on Bandcamp !




Listen to “I Found Out”

I Found Out” – first song on the forthcoming Popincourt album !

“The song ‘I Found Out’ certainly has the influences of some fine British bands, and stands on it’s own right, as one very catchy melodic pop/rock song.” – Beehive Candy